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Welcome to UserSearch Wiki

Welcome to our comprehensive Wiki guide! BETA 1.0 is here!!

Our System is designed to enhance your experience with our paid service. Here, you'll find detailed insights and step-by-step instructions on all the features available to you. Our goal is to help you maximize the potential of our system, tailored to your specific needs. Whether you're a new user or seeking advanced tips, this Wiki is your go-to resource for making the most out of our service.

Our platform has been in early Alpha for 18 months ( This service is now depreciated. Those who want to transfer their accounts can take a look here to see how it's done.

We are now at BETA 1.0.19 This means, 99% of our bugs are resolved. We also have delivered all of our original planned features, and much, much more. To be clear, we don't expect any bugs in the system, but if you find some, please let us know at

Want to know what we are working on at any time? Take a look: What is coming next week?. We are constantly updating the system, and each week NEW features are being added.

Version: 1.0.19 (Click here for version history)

Quick Links:

Account Management

This section is dedicated to guiding you through the various aspects of managing your account. Learn how to update your personal details, manage your login credentials, and customize your account settings to suit your preferences.

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Subscriptions and Payments

Here, we delve into everything related to your subscription and payment processes. Find detailed information on how to manage your subscription, update payment methods, and understand your billing cycle.

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Features and Capabilities

Explore the full range of features and capabilities our service offers. This section breaks down each feature, explaining how to use them effectively to enhance your overall experience.

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Case / Operation Management

Focuses on managing your cases or operations within our system. Learn how to create, track, and manage your cases effectively, ensuring efficient operation and case resolution.

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Basic Dashboard Help

This section is designed for users who are new to our dashboard. Get acquainted with the basics of navigating the dashboard, understanding its layout, and utilizing its fundamental features.

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Advanced Dashboard Help

For users ready to delve deeper, this part covers advanced dashboard functionalities. Learn about intricate features, customization options, and tips for more efficient dashboard management.

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Bookmarks Page & Bookmarking

Learn More

Discover how to use the Bookmarks page for quick access to frequently used features or information. Learn the ins and outs of bookmarking within our system, ensuring you can navigate to important areas with ease.

Reports Page & Reporting

Learn More

This section covers the Reports page, detailing how to create, manage, and interpret various reports. Understand how reporting tools can provide valuable insights into your activities and outcomes.

History Page

Learn More

Learn about the History page, where you can track your recent activities and interactions within the system. This guide will help you understand how to effectively use this feature to review past actions.

Monitor Page

In this section, find out how to effectively use the Monitor page to keep a close eye on specific activities or metrics. Understand the features available to customize your monitoring experience.

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This final section provides a comprehensive guide on how to navigate and customize your settings. Learn how to tailor the system to meet your individual needs and preferences, ensuring an optimal user experience.

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