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Version History

Current Version: 1.0.12 Beta

Last Update: 07.04.24.

Note: This page will contain the current live version and details of the version we are working on, with its expected update date. It is not a list of all future planned features. Our future features are feedback led by our community.

Version Status Scheduled Release Date Notable Updates
1.0.17 Scheduled 26.05.24 New Feature: New Username Enrichment Feature
1.0.16 Complete 22.05.24 New Feature: Twitter Username / Profile History, Website Change History
1.0.15 Complete 16.05.24 New Feature: ProtonMail, Gavatar Feature & Domain Owner History
1.0.14 Complete 09.05.24 Improve: Improved Bookmark Reports & Helper Vids added
1.0.13 Complete 11.04.24 New Feature: Vehicle Background Checks (UK Only)
1.0.12 Complete 07.04.24 New Feature: GeoSpy Integration
1.0.11 Complete 20.03.24 Credit Topup Dashboard
1.0.10 Complete 15.03.24 New Feature: Integration with
1.0.9 Complete 26.02.24 New Feature: Enhanced Phone Enrichment with & phone browse updates
1.0.8 Complete 23.02.24 New Feature: Enhanced Email Enrichment with
1.0.7 Complete 17.02.24 New Feature: AI UserProfile Analysis, interface updates for phone browsers
1.0.6 Complete 02.02.24 New Feature: Image Geolocation with GPT AI.
1.0.5 Complete 22.01.24 New Feature: Reverse Phone Search, interface improvements, bookmarking improvements.
1.0.4 Complete 14.01.24 Load results Async, Report improvements, New corporate membership.
1.0.3 Complete 13.01.24 New Feature: Reverse Image search with TinEye into general search & the monitor feature.
1.0.2 Complete 11.01.24 New Email Feature: Global Scam Database integration.
1.0.1 Complete 29.12.23 Username search profile enrichment & General minor bugs. (minor) Complete 25.12.223 New Payment Methods Added: Google Pay, Apple Pay, AliPay, PayPal, revolute, WeChat Pay, EPS, GiroPay, ClearPay, Klarna,
1.0.0 Complete 22.12.23 Full BETA version for release.
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