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Privacy Policy

Our Privacy policy inherits from our parent webpage at and applies all notes within.

In addition to that policy, we add the following to our policy, for this specific premium version:

  1. Your membership with us, whether a paid or free account, is entitled to be forgotten. Therefore, on request, we will delete all references to you within our database. To initiate this request, you must email us from the email address we have registered for the account. The email should go to
  2. For our features to be provided, we do record individual searches as default, which are presented to you within your cases. Should you want this feature disabled, simply email us and we can do this.
  3. It is our policy to allow you to connect to our systems via VPNs, and/or usage of fake/temporary email accounts.
  4. We do not generate the data presented to you during your search. This information is sourced from publically available locations. We therefore have no control over the content or accuracy presented to you, above that of our own internal refeminement and presentation features.
  5. Some results of your search are recorded to allow features to work. For example, our monitor feature requires previous search results to be populated in order to work. We can delete all your data relating to results, should you request it.
  6. We do need to send you general emails relating to your account, such as for password results, and payment failures/successes. We will also send you occasional important updates to our service. By Joining our paid service, you agree to receive emails from us in these areas.
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