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Subscriptions & Payments

Welcome to the Subscriptions page, your gateway to choosing the membership plan that best suits your needs. Our service offers four distinct membership options, each designed to provide you with the flexibility and convenience you require.

Membership Options

Free Membership: Ideal for those who want to get a feel for our service, this option offers limited access to features. It's perfect for experiencing a taste of what we have to offer, albeit with some restrictions.

Monthly Membership: For those who prefer flexibility, our monthly membership provides full access to all features and capabilities. This option allows you to enjoy our service without a long-term commitment.

1-Time Payment for 3 Months: This plan offers a short-term commitment with a one-time payment, granting full access for three months. It's a great choice for users who prefer a balance between flexibility and extended access.

Yearly Membership: Our most comprehensive plan, the yearly membership, is designed for users who are committed to long-term usage. It offers full access to all features for an entire year, providing a seamless and uninterrupted experience.

Each paid membership option ensures full access to our services, offering the same level of functionality and support. Choose the plan that aligns with your requirements and start enjoying our comprehensive service today.

Free Monthly Yearly
$0 $14.97 $159.97

Special Membership (Early Supporters)

To our valued supporters who were with us during the 18 months of early access development, we made a promise to always honor your original price for life. Here's how you can benefit from the exclusive offer we extended to you as we move into our beta phase:

  • Sign Up Normally: First, sign up or subscribe as a regular user using the standard process on our website.
  • Contact Us: After subscribing, email us at our designated support address.
  • Refund and Price Adjustment: We will then refund the difference between the current payment and the original alpha price. Additionally, we'll update all future payments to match the price you paid during the alpha phase, honoring our commitment to early supporters. The refund and account will be updated within 48 hours.

Note: if you are still an active subscriber of the early alpha version, let us know and we'll cancel that account for you. Whatever days you have left on the month, we'll credit in this BETA version.

How to Upgrade your membership

To upgrade from a free to a paid membership:

  • Via Pricing Page: Visit, select your desired membership plan, and proceed to a secure Stripe payment page.
  • Through User Interface: Click the drop-down menu at the top right of your screen, choose 'Membership' > 'Pricing', select a plan, and follow the secure payment process.

You'll get an email from us as soon as the payment is processed (should take seconds).

Payment Details

Managing your subscription payments is simple and secure. Our platform, powered by Stripe, ensures a safe and efficient payment process for all our members.

What types of payment do we accept?

We currently accept all major credit and debit cards, offering you a convenient and straightforward way to handle your subscription fees. Whether you're using Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or any other major card, we've got you covered.

Looking ahead, we're excited to announce that we will soon expand our payment options to include PayPal and various cryptocurrencies. This expansion is part of our commitment to providing you with versatile and user-friendly payment solutions.

What day of the month does my membership renew?

When you sign up for a paid membership, the payment is processed immediately, granting you instant access to our services. For recurring fees, such as our monthly or yearly memberships, the subsequent payments will be automatically deducted from your bank account on the same day and time of the following month or year, respectively, as the day you joined. This ensures a consistent and hassle-free billing cycle, allowing you to enjoy our services without interruption. We're dedicated to making your payment experience as seamless and convenient as possible. If you have any questions or need assistance, our support team is always here to help.

You'll also get an email each month when Stripe processes your recurring fee.

Cancel or Pause Membership

You can cancel your membership at any time directly through your profile page, ensuring a hassle-free process without the need to contact us. This self-service option is designed for your convenience, allowing you to manage your subscription autonomously. If you have a recurring membership, you'll retain access to our services until the date your account was scheduled to renew, ensuring you receive the full value of your subscription. In case you encounter any issues or have specific questions during the cancellation process, our support team is readily available to assist you. You can reach out to us at for any help or clarification needed.

As soon as you cancel, you'll get an email confirmation too.


  • 24-Hour Refund Window: We honor all refund requests as long as they are made within 24 hours of joining or renewing your membership with us.
  • Accidental Renewals or Forgotten Cancellations: If you accidentally renewed your account or forgot to cancel, rest assured that we will issue a refund, provided the request is made within 24 hours of the payment.

Our policy is designed to offer flexibility and peace of mind, respecting your choices and circumstances.

  • If we suspect Free credit abuse is occurring for enriched features, where a user signs up, uses enriched service free credit and then asks for a refund, we reserve the right to refuse that refund request.

Simply email us at, and we'll sort that out.

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