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The main drop-down menu, located at the top right of the screen, is the central access point for all settings within the web application. This menu is intuitively designed to facilitate easy navigation to various features and functionalities.

  • Dashboard: This option redirects users to the main Dashboard, the central interface for all application activities.
  • Pages: This parent drop-down menu consolidates links to various important pages within the application.
  • Bookmarks: Directs to the Bookmarks Page, where users can manage and review their saved bookmarks.
  • Reports: Leads to the Reports Page, offering functionalities for viewing and handling generated reports.
  • History: Navigates to the History Page, displaying the user's search history and past activities.
  • Monitor: Accesses the Monitor Page, enabling users to set up and oversee active monitoring operations.
  • Membership: This section provides information and management options for membership and pricing.
  • Pricing: Offers details about different pricing plans and allows users to manage their current membership.
  • Setting: A hub for various settings of the application.
  • Case Management: Allows users to create, delete, or rename cases, aiding in efficient case organization.
  • My Profile: Opens a tab for users to view and update personal details, including profile modifications and payment history.
  • Interface: Focuses on customization of the application’s interface.
  • Save Current Layout: Lets users save their preferred layout of the advanced dashboard for future sessions.
  • Reset Layout: Resets the advanced dashboard to its original, default layout.
  • Help: Provides access to support resources and documentation.
  • Documentation: Links to an extensive wiki page that details the application's features and systems, serving as a comprehensive help guide.
  • Chat With Us: Opens a chat box for live interaction with support staff or to leave a message.
  • My Profile: A quick link for users to access and manage their personal profile details and membership information.
  • Logout: Logs the user out of the system, ensuring security and privacy when the session is concluded.

This settings menu is designed to ensure that users have straightforward and quick access to all necessary functions and features of the web application, enhancing their overall experience and productivity.

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