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This page displays a list of all reports that have been created using bookmarked items. Users can navigate through this list to identify and select specific reports relevant to their current needs.

Download and Deletion Options: For each report listed, users have the options to download or delete the report. The download feature is particularly useful for sharing findings with others or for offline review. The deletion option helps in managing the storage of reports, allowing users to remove reports that are no longer needed or relevant.

Record Keeping: The page maintains a historical record of all generated reports. This archival feature is crucial for users who need to revisit past reports for reference, further analysis, or comparison with newer data. Report Retention

Longevity of Reports: Reports will remain stored in the system until either the associated case is deleted or the report itself is removed. This policy ensures that users have continued access to their reports as long as they are relevant to ongoing investigations or case reviews.

Unlimited Generation and Access: There is no cap on the number of reports a user can generate or download. This unlimited access facilitates extensive reporting and analysis, allowing users to create as many reports as needed to comprehensively document and present their findings.

Usage in Case Analysis

Review and Analysis: The ability to review past reports is invaluable for users who need to track the progression of a case or compare historical data with current findings.

Evidence Compilation: Reports serve as a compilation of evidence and data points, which are crucial for building a strong case or for presenting a coherent narrative of the investigation.

The Reports Wiki Page thus plays a crucial role in the overall functionality of the web application, offering robust report management and access capabilities. It caters to the needs of users who require efficient and flexible report generation, storage, and retrieval, thereby enhancing the effectiveness of their investigative work.

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