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Welcome to the Basic Dashboard of UserSearch, your go-to tool for quick and efficient searches. Designed for ease of use, this dashboard streamlines the process of finding information based on usernames, email addresses, phone numbers, and images. Perfect for users who require rapid results without the complexity of advanced features, the Basic Dashboard is your first step in reverse lookup searches.


User-Friendly Interface: The Basic Dashboard is designed with simplicity in mind. Its intuitive layout ensures you can start your search without any prior training or technical know-how.

Reverse Lookup Searches:

Usernames: Enter any username to uncover associated profiles or information across various platforms.

Email Addresses: Search with an email address to find linked accounts, profiles, or additional contact information.

Phone Numbers: Use a phone number to retrieve relevant user data, including name and associated profiles.

Images: Upload an image to perform a reverse image search, helping you identify similar images or related information online.


While the Basic Dashboard provides a quick and straightforward search experience, it does have certain limitations:

Exclusion of Advanced Options: This dashboard is tailored for basic searches and does not include advanced filtering or in-depth analytical tools. Users requiring more detailed searches may need to use our Advanced Search options.

Limited Scope of Data: The searches are confined to the parameters mentioned (username, email, phone number, and images). It may not provide comprehensive data or historical records that are sometimes available in more advanced search modules. Dependence on Available Data: The effectiveness of the search is contingent upon the availability and accessibility of data linked to the input parameters.

How to Use the Basic Dashboard

Access the Dashboard: Log into your UserSearch account and navigate to the Basic Dashboard.

Choose Your Search Type: Select the type of search you want to conduct (username, email, phone number, image).

Enter Search Details: Input the relevant information in the search field. For image searches, upload the image file.

Initiate the Search: Click the search button to start the process.

Review Results: The results will be displayed on the screen. Note that the amount of information available may vary based on the data linked to your search query.

Tips for Optimal Use

Ensure the accuracy of the information you input for more reliable search results.

For image searches, use clear and high-quality images where possible.

If your initial search does not yield the desired results, consider using our Advanced Search options for more comprehensive data.


If you encounter any issues or have questions, please contact our support team for assistance. We're here to ensure you have the best experience with UserSearch.

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