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Case / Operation Management

In the UserSearch platform, 'Cases' represent a core functionality designed to organize and manage investigations efficiently. Cases allow users to segment their investigations based on specific case names, such as “Operation 123.” Each case maintains its independent bookmarks, search history, and reports, streamlining the management of multiple investigations. Although using a case is optional (with a 'default' case available for general use), utilizing this feature can greatly enhance the organization and focus of investigative efforts.

How Cases Work

Default Case: By default, all activities are saved under a 'default' case. This ensures that even casual or unstructured searches are recorded and can be revisited later.

Case History Table: Located on the bottom right of the advanced dashboard, the 'Case History' table displays the individual history for the currently selected case.

Selecting a Case: To switch between cases, use the drop-down menu at the top right of the advanced dashboard. It defaults to 'Case: Default', but clicking on it reveals options to select other cases.

Creating and Managing Cases

Accessing Case Management: To create more cases, click on the main menu at the top right, select 'Settings', and then 'Case Management'.

Case Management Interface: In the 'Case Management' pop-up, users can create a new case, delete an existing one, or update the name of a case.

Effect of Creating a New Case: When a new case is created and selected, the user will notice that the 'Case History', bookmarks, and reports for this new case start as blank. This allows for a fresh start for each new investigation.

Conducting Investigations Within Cases

Organized Investigation: Once a case is selected, all investigative activities, bookmarks, and reports are aligned under that case name.

Reports and Bookmarks: When navigating to the 'Reports' page, bookmarks relevant to the selected case are displayed. Users can generate detailed reports specifically for the bookmarks associated with that case. Unlimited Case Creation

Flexibility in Management: Users have the flexibility to create an unlimited number of cases, accommodating a wide range of investigations and organizational needs.

The case management feature in UserSearch is a powerful tool for private investigators, offering a structured and organized way to handle multiple investigations simultaneously. By effectively utilizing cases, investigators can maintain a clear focus and separation between different projects, enhancing the efficiency and clarity of their work.

As users engage with the platform, they are encouraged to explore the versatility of the case management system to tailor their investigative process to their specific needs and preferences.

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