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The Bookmarks Wiki Page is a centralized location for managing and reviewing all the bookmarks a user has created within the web application. This page is instrumental for users who rely on bookmarks for tracking and referencing key information across various cases. It plays a crucial role in report generation, as bookmarks selected here can be included in reports for comprehensive analysis or presentation purposes.

This section lists all the bookmarks made by the user across different cases. It serves as a comprehensive repository of all saved items, providing a bird's-eye view of the user's bookmarked information.

Filtering Capability: Users have the option to filter the bookmarks displayed in the table based on specific cases. This feature is particularly useful for focusing on bookmarks relevant to a particular investigation or case, facilitating a more organized and targeted approach to information review.

Management Options: While the Bookmarks table allows for the deletion of bookmarks, it does not support direct viewing of the bookmarked content. To view the details of a specific bookmark, users need to navigate back to the advanced dashboard. This separation ensures that the Bookmarks page remains clutter-free and focused solely on the management of bookmarks.

Case Summary Table

The Case Summary table provides a holistic summary of all the cases associated with the user's account. It gives an immediate overview of the number of cases, the quantity of bookmarks per case, and the number of reports already generated.

Bookmark and Report Count: This section of the table shows the total number of bookmarks and reports for each case, offering users a quick way to gauge their engagement and documentation level per case.

Live Monitor Status: A notable feature of the Case Summary table is its ability to display the status of live monitors active for each case. This information is crucial for users actively monitoring certain usernames or email addresses, as it keeps them informed about the active surveillance elements tied to their cases.

Usage in Reporting

Integration with Reports: Bookmarks selected on this page can be easily integrated into reports. This feature is essential for users looking to create detailed and informative reports that include specific, bookmarked pieces of evidence or data points.

Report Customization: The ability to choose which bookmarks to include in reports allows for a high degree of customization, enabling users to tailor their reports to specific audiences or investigative needs. The Bookmarks Wiki Page is therefore a key component of the web application, offering efficient bookmark management and playing a significant role in the reporting process.

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