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The Monitor Page is a dynamic and powerful feature of the web application, designed for active and ongoing monitoring of specific usernames or email addresses. This page revolutionizes the way users can track online presence and activities, automating the process and providing real-time updates.


Initial Search and Hits Column: Upon providing a username or email address, the system conducts a comprehensive search across online resources to find all instances where the keyword appears. The results of this initial search are accessible in the 'hits' column, where users can click to view the detailed results. Automatic Monitoring: The most exciting aspect of this page is its capability to continuously monitor the provided keyword. The system automatically performs searches every few hours, ensuring that users have the most up-to-date information.

Regular Updates and Filtering

Time-Based Columns: Columns labeled as '7 days', '15 days', etc., show the number of new results that have appeared since the last search. By clicking on these columns, users can exclusively view the new results, allowing them to focus on recent updates without sifting through older data.

Efficient Monitoring: This feature is ideal for users needing to monitor an email address or username over extended periods without the hassle of manual, repetitive searches.

Live Monitor Management

Limit and Control: Users can manage up to five live monitors at any given time. They have the flexibility to enable or disable these monitors within the 'status' column and can also delete them as needed. Case Association: Each monitor can be linked to a specific case, simplifying the management of multiple monitors across various ongoing investigations or cases.

Creating New Monitors

Easy Setup: To set up a new monitor, users can click the 'New' button at the top right of the screen. They can choose to monitor a username or an email and assign it to an existing case. By default, new monitors are categorized under the 'default' case if no specific case is selected.

Case Creation: The page doesn’t support the creation of new cases. Users need to navigate back to the dashboard to create new cases before associating monitors with them.

Advanced Features and Support

Increasing Monitor Limits: The 'Increase number of monitors' button hints at future capabilities for expanding the number of monitors a user can have. Although this feature is currently disabled, users anticipating an early upgrade can contact support at [email protected] for potential early access.

Active Support: The support team is available to assist with any inquiries or special requests regarding the monitoring capabilities.

The Monitor is a testament to the advanced capabilities of the web application, offering users a sophisticated, automated tool for tracking and analyzing digital footprints across the internet. It significantly reduces the manual effort required in monitoring and ensures users stay informed with the latest developments in their areas of interest.

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