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Uncover the Truth, Worldwide: With a single click, delve into comprehensive online investigations, track cheating partners, and gather solid digital evidence. Our service offers unlimited data usage, accessible globally with no boundaries.

*Available worldwide, without data usage limitations.


Free Basic Membership - Explore and Upgrade at Your Convenience

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Begin Your Investigative Journey with No Cost:
  • Preview Premium Features: Get a glimpse of the full range of premium features available. Understand the depth and capabilities of our service before deciding to upgrade.
  • Seamless Upgrade Option: Ready for more? Upgrade to our paid membership effortlessly at any time to unlock comprehensive investigative tools.
  • Save Your Investigations: If you choose to downgrade from a paid membership, rest assured your investigations and findings are saved. Your data remains intact, allowing you to pick up where you left off whenever you decide to return.
Our Free Basic Membership is your starting point for discovery. Explore, evaluate, and when you're ready, easily transition to the full power of our premium services.

Unleash the Power of Extensive Search Capabilities for Just $14.99/month

$14.99 /Monthly
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Embark on a journey of limitless exploration and exclusive features designed for the discerning investigator:
  • Fast Reverse Username Search: Rapidly searches websites to locate profiles associated with specific usernames, revealing an individual’s online activities and presence. Employ AI to analyse the results for you!
  • Email Searches: Six distinct tools uncover extensive information tied to email addresses:
    • Breach Data Search: Detects email involvement in data breaches.
    • Fast Reverse Email Lookup: Identifies online accounts associated with an email.
    • Detailed Social Network Search: Enriches email data with social media insights (powered by OSINT Industries).
    • Business Directory Networks Search: Connects emails to professional and business listings.
    • Gmail Only Searcher: Gathers detailed information from Gmail accounts.
    • Scam Database Search: Checks emails against known scam databases.
  • Phone Number Searches: Three specific tools for in-depth phone number analysis:
    • Business Directory Search: Links phone numbers to business profiles.
    • Detailed Background Search (US Only): Provides comprehensive background checks.
    • Detailed Social Network Search: Combines phone data with social media profiles (powered by OSINT Industries).
  • Image Searches: Five tools for various image-related investigations:
    • Face Picture Analysis: Uses facial recognition for identity verification.
    • Reverse Image Search: Tracks image origins and usage online. (Powered by Google)
    • Reverse Image Search: Identifies duplicate or similar images across the web. (Powered by TinEye)
    • Image Content-Geolocation: Determines probable photo locations. (Powered by GPT)
    • Reverse Face Search: Finds similar faces online. (Powered by
  • Crypto Currency Scam Search: Identifies potential cryptocurrency scams, protecting users from fraudulent activities.
  • Investigation Management Features: Essential tools for managing investigations effectively:
    • Bookmarking & Reporting: Allows saving and compiling of important findings.
    • Case Management: Facilitates organization of multiple investigations.
    • 24/7 Monitoring: Provides updates on specific targets or keywords.
    • Unlimited Searches & Monthly Credits: Supports extensive searching and premium searches with monthly credits.
With our platform, you don't just search; you uncover, discover, and conquer. Start your journey into the world of elite investigation today.

Annual Membership - Optimal for Business Accounts with Single Payment Ease

$159.97 /Yearly
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A Year of Premier Investigative Tools with Streamlined Financial Management:
  • Single Annual Payment: Simplify your business accounting with one annual fee. This streamlined approach is ideal for business accounts, making budgeting and expense tracking more efficient.
  • Cost-Effective Solution: Enjoy significant savings compared to the monthly subscription. Our yearly plan offers the same advanced features at a reduced overall rate, providing substantial value for your business.
  • Priority Customer Support: Yearly members receive expedited support, ensuring any inquiries or needs are addressed promptly, a crucial advantage for business operations.
Our Annual Membership is tailored for businesses seeking a hassle-free, financially efficient solution. A single payment for a year of premier access and priority support—streamline your operations and elevate your investigative potential.

Corporate Membership - Tailored for Teams and Bulk Operations

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For Teams of 5+ Members

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A Year of Advanced Investigative Tools with Tailored Corporate Services:
  • Streamlined Annual Billing: Simplify your corporate accounting with a single annual fee. This approach allows for easier budgeting and financial management, ideal for larger teams and businesses.
Our Corporate Membership is crafted for businesses seeking a robust, financially efficient solution. Engage with us to arrange a package that meets your specific needs and elevate your investigative potential. For inquiries and to arrange a customized plan, please email us at [email protected].

What to Expect from us?

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Utilize AI to reveal hidden truths in profiles, detecting potential signs of infidelity with cutting-edge accuracy.

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Leverage global phone number searches to uncover vital information, a key asset in OSINT investigations.

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Quickly bookmark key findings and seamlessly integrate them into comprehensive reports, streamlining your workflow.

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Conduct in-depth reverse email and username searches, unlocking a wealth of information with unparalleled precision.

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Explore the forefront of AI technology with experimental features that offer insights into personality, authenticity, and more.

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Organize and manage intricate background checks with our comprehensive case management system, ensuring thoroughness and efficiency.

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